2019 Topps Baseball Update

2019 Topps Baseball Update

Key Numbers

300 cards

Hobby Box

  • 14 cards per pack
  • 24 packs per box
  • 12 boxes per case
  • 1 autograph or relic
  • 1 Silver pack sealed in the box


  • 46 cards per pack
  • 10 packs per box
  • 6 boxes per case
  • 1 autograph and 2 relics
  • 2 Silver packs

Release Date: October 16, 2019

This is the third and final part of the 2019 Topps flagship set. Between Series 1, Series 2 and the Update set there are about 1,000 cards. This set contains players that were traded during the year and free-agent signings if they were not in their new uniforms in Series 1 or 2. It also contains Rookies who made their debut around midseason. In addition, there are two All-Star game subsets. This set used to be called Topps Traded and had 330 cards in a factory set. In recent years the set has been reduced to 300 cards and only released in wax packs. Sets need to be hand collated. The Parallels are the same as the first two series. 

Starting with this Update Series, silver packs will now be inserted directly into hobby boxes and will no longer arrive loose

Some of the key cards:

  • AS = All-Star
  • HRD =  Homerun Derby
  • RD = Rookie Debut
  • RC = Rookie Card (There are a total of 81 Rookie Cards)

#1 Vladimir Guerrero Jr RC (Note there was an unnumbered card in Series 2)

#2 Mike Tauchman RC

#62 Vladimir Guerrero Jr RD

#78 Mike Ford RC

#107 Robinson Cano 

#146 Mike Trout AS

#220 Ronald Acuna Jr AS

#245 Mike Yastrzemski RC

# 262 Pete Alonso HRD

Parallels Include:

  • Gold
  • 150th Anniversary (1 in 6 packs-4 per Hobby box)
  • Rainbow Foil (1 in ten packs-about 2 per Hobby box)
  • Vintage Stock
  • Independence Day
  • Black (Hobby & Jumbo only)
  • Mother’s Day Hot Pink
  • Father’s Day Powder Blue
  • Memorial Day Camo

Clear (Hobby only)


Printing Plates

Some cards also available in:

Short Print, Super Short Print & SP Autographs

Inserts include:

The Family Business (New)

Est 1869 (New)

Iconic Cards

150 Years of Professional Baseball

Autographs include:

Legacy of Baseball

1984 Topps

Autograph Relics include:

Topps Reverence Patch 

All-Star Stitches

All-Star Stitches Dual Autograph

All-Star Autograph Jumbo Patch

Relics include:

Cut Signatures (very rare)

150th Anniversary Manufactured Medallion

Major League Material

All-Star Stitches

All-Star Jumbo Patch

All-Star Stitches Dual

All-Star Stitches Triple

Own the Game


Updated 10/17/19

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