Top 2019 Rookies

Today I’m going to write about the top rookies in MLB during the 2019 season. I’m also going to predict the Rookie of the Year winners for each league.

Let’s start with the AL. Brandon Lowe #8 plays second base for Tampa Bay. He made the All-Star team as a reserve but did not play because of injury. He signed a six-year contract extension in spring training. 

Lowe .272 17 51

John Means #67 is a pitcher for the Orioles. He had a great first half. His 2.50 ERA at the All Start break was 2nd in the league. He also made the All-Star team.

Means 11-11 3.54 150 innings

Luis Arraez #2 is the second baseman for the Twins. He is just 22 years old. He made his major league debut on May 18th. 

Arraez .339 4 28 

Eloy Jimenez #74 is an outfielder for the Chicago White Sox. He is also just 22. He has been having a great season. He was originally signed by the Cubs until he was traded to the Chisox. He signed a contract extension in March that was the most money for a player without major league experience.

Jimenez .267 30 77

Yordan Alvarez #44 is a first baseman/outfielder with the Houston Astros. He is from Cuba and is another 22 year old. He did not have his debut until June 9th. He ended up winning the Rookie of the Month award for both June and July. He leads all AL rookies in home runs.

Alvarez .321 27 78 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr #27 is the third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays. He is one of four rookies from Toronto to have played around 100 or more games. He made his ML debut on April 26th. His early start has allowed him to lead AL rookies in games and hits. He lost the final round of the Home Run Derby to Pete Alonso. He was considered the top prospect in baseball at the start of the season.

Guerrero .272 15 69

Bo Bichette #11 is the shortstop for the Blue Jays. He is only 21. He didn’t make his debut until July 29th. 

Bichette .311 11 21

So, I think this is an easy pick. I believe Alvarez will be picked as the 2019 AL Rookie of the Year.  

So let’s head on over to the senior circuit. 

Chris Paddack # 59 is a pitcher for San Diego Padres. He made his ML debut on March 31st. 

Paddack 9-7 3.33 153 Ks in 26 starts.

Mike Soroka #40 is a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. He actually made his debut in MLB in May of 2018. He turned 22 in August. He was on the 2019 All Star team. 

Soroka 13-4 2.60 28 starts.

Brian Reynolds #10 is an outfielder for the Pittsburg Pirates. He was originally drafted by the Giants. He made his MLB debut on April 20th. 

Reynolds .314 16 68

Mike Yastrzemski #5 is an outfielder with the San Francisco Giants. He is the grandson of HOFer Carl Yastremski. He is one of the older rookies at 29. He was traded from the Orioles in March. He made his MLB debut on May 25th. 

Yastrzemski .273 21 55

Fernando Tatis Jr #23 is the shortstop for the Padres. He is only 20. He was considered one of the top three prospects in baseball at the beginning of the year. He made his MLB debut on March 28. Unfortunately, his season ended on August 9th. He missed 34 games earlier in the year and only played 84 games.

Tatis .317 22 53 

Pete Alonso #20 is the first baseman for the New York Mets. He is 24 and made his MLB debut on March 28th. He is already the NY Mets all-time single-season home run leader. In addition, no rookie in baseball history has hit more home runs than him. He made the 2019 All-Star team. 

Alonso .260 52 119

The 2019 NL Rookie of the year will be Alonson. He is a shoo-in. 

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